About mind chow…food for thought for media minds

Today’s consumers are hungry. We have a hunger for information, entertainment, companionship, connections, support, enrichment…and help. We want what we want, and we want it now! Fortunately, there are new media forms that feed our needs and they are almost never unavailable.

From where I sit…
I’m a marketer, a student, a mom, a wife and a child of the 70’s. All of those factors shape the way I look at the world and at the way information comes to me today. I love new technology, but I have not abandoned the old. I still love to read an actual newspaper held in my hands, and I usually watch TV on the TV and not the computer. But I also depend on my Blackberry to keep me connected with work and kids and don’t go a day without using my MacBook.

Why MindChow?

In my household, I make sure everyone is well fed–from kids to cats! Consequently, I buy and serve a lot of “chow”. It’s my hope that my blog will feed your need for information on new forms of media, bringing you a balanced diet of differing viewpoints. Enjoy–and please add your own flavor to the MindChow table!

Chow time

Chow time


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