Today’s emerging media–taste and enjoy!

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2009 by gingercatmom

Mindchow readers have joined me on a journey through many topics in emerging media. As I’ve written about the many new ways to communicate with consumers in a digital world, I’ve watched my own media consumption change as well. As I noted in my introduction to this blog, I consider myself a bit of a hybrid media user and that has not changed. As I type this, I’m listening to the news on the television in the next room and periodically checking my Facebook account to see what’s new in that world. I find myself reading less of the daily newspaper (sadly, I admit) and checking the headlines more often on my Twitter feed and on news websites. I’m downloading apps for my Blackberry and talking to my friends about how they use their mobile devices to stay connected.

I’ve also noticed an increase in my colleagues’ interest in emerging media. They are curious about how we can harness some social networking applications and use them to build relationships with our customers. It’s an exciting time to work in marketing but more challenging than ever before as we try to understand who is using emerging media, why they use it and how they will use it in the future. I may not have all the answers, but I know I am learning more each day as I examine my personal use of emerging media.

Thank you to all of you who have commented–both on the blog–and through other channels. I appreciate your readership! My emerging media class has come to an end, but I may blog on here from time to time. As I noted in a previous post, blogs provide us with our own little digital soapbox and I’ve come to enjoy having my own place to speak up!

Until next time…I encourage you to be open to new tastes in media. Sample it all!

New media...take small bytes and enjoy!

Savor the world of emerging media...take small bytes and enjoy!


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