Gentlemen: Start your (search) engines…

In Demographics, newspapers, social issues and new media on October 21, 2009 by gingercatmom

A recent study shows that men are more willing than women to incorporate digital media as replacements for traditional media. Whether they want news, music or entertainment — guys prefer finding it online. BrandWeek reported last week on a TargetCast:tcm study of 895 adults between the ages of 18-64. The survey, conducted in September, finds that it’s more common for men than women to say they’ve replaced their newspapers and magazines with versions on the Internet, or now pay for an online subscription to TV programs with limited advertising.

What else do the guys have to say about alternative digital sources of news? Men are more likely than women to say:
• Print newspapers are not as relevant to them since there are many other sources for news and information.
• The Internet has replaced their need to read a printed newspaper.
• They would rather get news online.
• They are willing to pay for online newspapers.

Men have similar feelings about radio. They’re more likely than women to say that they would rather listen to music online or on a mobile device than over traditional radio. Men are more rapidly looking at TV and video content online as a replacement for traditional television.

For those of us who make media buys, this data helps us sharpen our focus. Usage declines in traditional media (print and radio especially) are found among men and young adults. But while new media is gaining a foothold, it’s clear that there are consumers who still value traditional media so we might not want to abandon it just yet.

Studies like this allow us to tailor our messages to the ever-evolving preferences of our target audiences. It would appear that we’re going to need to blend approaches in new and old media, at least for now.


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