Better late than never

In Facebook, social issues and new media, Uncategorized on October 11, 2009 by gingercatmom

I have a confession to make. I arrived late to the Facebook party. And…I kind of like it.

I’ve explored many other aspects of new media before. I’ve tweeted, I’ve linkedin and I’ve blogged. There were legitimate business or academic reasons to learn about all those things and I made the time to understand. But I was reluctant to enter the hallowed halls of Facebook. I was living Facebook vicariously through my family!

Why did I wait so long? The answer is simple—time! Time is precious to me and I knew that if I wanted to engage on Facebook I would need to spend some time online chatting, posting, being a fan, friend and more. I didn’t want my virtual life to preclude my real life–which is already quite full of conversations, status updates and interactions in the physical world. I also didn’t want to invade a space where my teenage sons play and communicate (I would not have wanted my mother in on my conversations when I was in high school).

So it was with bit of reluctance–though I admit some excitement–that I signed on last week. I need to be on Facebook to fully understand the marketing applications of this site and the power it now wields in the marketing communication world. If we want to reach people with our messages, we need to be where they are…and for a surprisingly diverse group of Americans, Facebook is the place to be.

In reality, I’m among the fast growing group of Facebook users…those over the age of 35. I joined a community of 300 million active users who spend an astonishing 6 billion minutes on Facebook’s site each day, worldwide. It’s a viral marketer’s dream come true! Facebook users are downright eager to spread messages.

I’m making note of the kind of ads that show up on my visits to Facebook and not surprisingly, some are appropriate to my age, my lifestyle and my interests. I might have to pick up some of those pink kitchen gadgets that have shown up on my screen every day in October. However I’m not going to become a fan of Old Spice anytime soon.


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