Newspapers and online publishing: the new hybrid e-ditions attract readers

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These are tough times for newspapers and those who love them. An increasing number of daily newspapers are folding, or radically downsizing due to reduced paid circulation. With free online editions of the local paper, many newspaper readers no longer have a reason to unfold the paper and get their hands dirty (savvy readers know that most papers did away with that smeary ink years ago). We can read the articles, comment on them and forward them to our friends.

Newspaper website audiences are growing… attracting 73.3 million monthly unique visitors in the first quarter of this year. That’s a 10.5% increase over the same quarter in 2008. What does that mean to newspaper publishers, to readers and to advertisers?

The newspaper industry says this means that Americans rely on trusted newspaper brands for accurate news and information, whether in print or online. The industry also recognizes that some kind of transformation of the “old” media is necessary for survival. They are encouraged by the growth in readership and acknowledge that digital editions are essential to future survival of  “newspaper” journalism.

Online newspaper site readers are spending an increasing amount of time reading as well. On average, there were 8.19 visits per person, looking at an average of over 48 pages and spending an average of nearly 44 minutes per person over the quarter. That sounds positive, but it needs to be put in perspective to the reading habits of the print newspaper reader. Avid print newspaper readers would spend much more time reading over a quarter, covering many more pages. They are also exposed to much more advertising on any given “reading” of the daily paper.

Advertisers need to be aware that online newspaper readers are a desirable group to reach. A few key demographic facts:
• 34% of Americans with postgraduate degrees…
• 28.2% of Americans with a household income of at least $100,000 AND…
• 29.9% of individuals in management, business or finance
have visited a newspaper website in the past week.

Dont believe everything you read...its a whole new newspaper online

Don't believe everything you's a whole new newspaper online

There are still some opportunities for advertisers in world of print newspapers. And without advertising and subscribers, newspapers will not survive. But as we better understand who is reading online editions we can better position our marketing messages in this hybrid world of print and online newspaper publishing!


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