Look who’s tweeting!

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Twitter has earned the attention of 54% of America’s Fortune 100 companies. In fact, it’s the social media of choice for companies, outranking Facebook and blogging according to a recent Burson-Marsteller study. And when these companies use only one form of social media, it is most likely to be Twitter.

Looking at this from the corporate perspective, the reasoning appears to lie in Twitter’s simplicity. Say what you need to say quickly in 140 characters or less. Crank out the messages regularly. Read responses and repeat… A dip into the social networking pool can be fraught with all sorts of concerns from the corner office, but Twitter just seems to be a way to dive in.

The real question is how sustainable these efforts will be. This reminds of me of the “old” days when every department in my organization was eager to start a newsletter. The energy on the front end was high and the creative juices were flowing. There were pictures, shiny paper, special features and maybe even an eagerness on the reader’s part to receive each issue. Today–about three newsletters remain and we argue over whose turn it is to write them and wonder if anyone is really reading them.

Twitter is new. It’s a quick bite of information and it’s kind of fun. It’s gratifying to see that thousands of followers are waiting to see what we’ll say next. But how long will it be until those corporate tweets get a little stale–and we even start seeing recycled tweets from last year? How many tweets can one follower really digest before it just becomes ‘blah blah blah’. It will take a true corporate commitment to make this new media part of a long term strategy to build relationships with customers.

That said…I’m thinking of how I can start Tweeting at work and how I’ll build buzz for that. Stay tuned!


One Response to “Look who’s tweeting!”

  1. How about getting the docs to tweet from the OR? LOL! Or how about tweeting a day in the life of…..

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