Kraft says “cheese” to Hispanic population

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I’ve been spending some time on the Kraft food website this weekend. Not only does Kraft make a multitude of recipes, cooking tips and product information available to consumers online, but they also do all this in Spanish for the Hispanic population in the United States through the ComidaKraft website.

American Cheese...marketed to Hispanics through

What's more American than American marketed to Hispanics through

The Hispanic population in the United States is the fastest growing population segment. Kraft recognized the opportunity to connect (and build brand loyalty) among this powerful population segment, and  launched the bilingual site in 2003, as part of focused, multi-media approach to Hispanic Americans. ComidaKraft is now a robust site that in many ways mirrors the English site while remaining culturally relevant with pictures of Hispanic women, recipes that target Hispanic tastes and even recipe modifications for diabetic individuals (the adult Hispanic population has a higher incidence of Diabetes than non-Hispanic whites).The message boards offer an opportunity for site visitors to connect with other users to talk about food, exchange recipes and even get some suggestions for tonight’s dinner!

Bilingual websites connected to Fortune 100 companies are not as prevalent as one may think. Two other examples of consumer websites include Verizon and Sears. Those companies that invest in bilingual web marketing have made a wise move. They have an edge in reaching first generation Hispanics who have immigrated to the United States. But the the Hispanic population is changing, with many second and third generation Hispanics reporting English as their primary language. Will these individuals ultimately migrate to  English sites that are designed for the public as a whole–or will they demand more Spanish sites?

Hispanics are brand loyal. Marketers know that the majority of Hispanics also feel loyal to advertisers who market to them in Spanish. Finally, Hispanics consume a proportionately larger share of dairy products. Kraft seems to have hit the mark with That surely makes Kraft smile and “say cheese!


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