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When TV was "new media" TV dinners were hot stuff! Will food manufacturers cme up with special nourishment for today's web users?

Today's Special: When TV was "new media" consumers thought TV dinners were hot stuff! Will food manufacturers market meals in new forms for today's web users?

Today’s media world is different than ever before. There is a sense that if we don’t all hurry up and get linked in, tweet a thought or two, catch a viral video and be connected to our friends online we’ll be left behind. Current events and knowing “what’s the latest” have taken on a whole new meaning in the digital age of 2009 when there is never a moment when we have to be disconnected from the world online. So what does it all mean for marketers today? What does it mean for the average consumer? And…where will this all lead us as we enter 2010 and beyond?

I believe that marketing professionals need to step away from the computer to see where and how all this new media is really being used. While there’s something rather seductive about speaking in the language of now, our ability to tweet, blog, RSS and make a widget is nothing without the proper strategy and message behind the technology.

I have a special interest in real-life applications of the personalized interactive media that are becoming common-place in today’s marketing mix. I really hope to gain insight on how all of this works and how much it really impacts purchasing decisions, especially among differing demographic groups. Does my new neighbor really need to receive tweets from our local bank to decide where to get a mortgage? Will an RSS feed allow the CDC to tell me what I can do to avoid the swine flu? And finally, I’m really curious about the kind of world my teens will inherit as adults, when messages are channeled to their headsets, phones and GPS systems, influencing their purchase decisions at every junction.

Over the next 9 weeks, we’ll have much to discuss and digest. I invite you to join us at the table for regular servings of Mind Chow!


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